So why vegan?

With the growing vegan movement, there seem to be so many articles on the internet saying how veganism is actually doing more harm than good. I highly recommend you to do your research on trustworthy websites. All my sources are from acknowledged studies that have nothing to do with 'vegan propaganda' - they just objectively observe the situation as it is. 

With our current climate crisis, it is important to know that we, as citizens, can do something too. We are responsible for the earth, all the beings on this earth, and essentially ourselves! 


We can protest and tell the government to change laws but the first thing we should do is to change our own habits! Our own ways of living. One does not work without the other. You cannot be a racist and be an anti-racism activist - nobody would listen to you because you're a hypocrite. 


If you want to do something for our world, switch to a vegan diet. It's as easy as that.