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I collaborated with Organic Basics for this post which also contains a discount code for you. I just want to say that I genuinely support this brand and love to tell you why I think they're the best choice when it comes to underwear. Please consider using my discount code (both men and women) if you purchase from them since this is how you support me to continue creating content for you. And now let's dig right into my 5 ways to sustainable underwear.

1. Ditch uncomfortable unethical brands

Many time I've been wondering where to get my underwear from if I start living a more sustainable life. I questioned whether H&M or New Look will still do when I don't want to support fast fashion at all. It's only one more bra I kept thinking. But I knew straight away that I would stay away from this super bad idea and would rather walk around without underwear (or at least without a bra). This is exactly what happened, I stopped wearing bras because they all started to itch and I noticed quickly how uncomfortable they make me feel. I would often wear bras when I went outside but take them immediately off when I came home.

2. Say hello to conscious fashion and comfort

But then I found Organic Basics and purchased my first bra from them last year. I have to say, I've never loved a bra as much as I love theirs. It is honestly just so comfortable and so are their pants and socks (I couldn't believe how soft the materials are). You don't even feel that you've got a bra on and that's exactly the feeling that you want. Comfort throughout the day - here I come!

So how could I not wear and support their underwear? Their clothes are made with sustainable fabrics, 95 % organic cotton, 5% elastane. Their cotton is organic and GOTS certified*. They constantly improve their underwear and look for ways to make them last even longer so they came up with their brand new SilverTech underwear. Their products are made in some of the best factories in Europe that have proper certifications and treat everybody fairly. I love how Organic Basics highlight this on their website and are transparent about their factories and farms with as much detail as possible. This is what we need more of: transparency, honesty, fairness. And sustainability of course! A brand should always be willing to tell you where your clothes come from because otherwise you can be sure that something is shady. There's an entire movement that you can join which was formed by Fashion Revolution with the hashtag #whomademyclothes.

3. Buy only as much as you need

So I used to have over twenty bras and recently got rid of most of them (and some undies) at a textiles recycling point. Now I own around 5 bras which is still too much if you ask me. I can tell you one thing that I learnt: invest in underwear that will last you for a long time with total comfort instead of choosing toxic, unsustainable, and non-ethical underwear that you think might be more 'affordable'. Is human slavery, toxic chemicals entering your body, and the destruction of our environment really something we could call 'affordable'? No, it should be banned. But luckily, Organic Basics are super affordable, and even more so with the fab discount that I have for you. With my code VIKIOBC you get a discount or free shipping until the 9th June.

Instead of owning 20 bras that you don't even need, have 5 good ones for less money than you paid for many bad ones. This one change makes me feel much happier in my skin and my wardrobe! Underwear is literally something that touches your skin all day and all night long, so be careful what you wear. It's important to choose the best for our bodies and give them all the love they need. We don't need more than 3 bras and 8 panties - this will last you for the week and then you can wash them.

4. Maintain your underwear correctly

A cold wash (30 degrees) or hand wash will normally do. Dry your clothes naturally without tumble dryer. Also, don't wash your clothes if there's no need for it. This is, of course, different with underwear but you can wear your bra for two to three days or even longer. Those three choices are going to make your clothes last longer plus you reduce your energy and water consumption at the same time. The last thing you can do is put any synthetic garments in a washing bag to keep all the nasty microplastic out of the oceans.

5. Sustainable packaging

Choose your underwear from a brand that knows what they do with their packaging and not only with their clothes. If the brand is sustainable, they should know that plastic is a no no. Organic Basics use a poly mailer made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic which has a dual adhesive strip so that you can reuse it for other stuff. Their clothes come in paper bags.

So, when you buy sustainable underwear you make a statement to yourself, your friends, and Mother Earth. A statement that you don't support climate change nor slavery but simply choose a fairer world.

I can just genuinely, from my heart, recommend Organic Basics and with my discount code VIKIOBC you get a discount or free shipping within the next two month (until the 9th June). This brand is my absolute favourite for underwear and I hope I could inspire you with this post. Let me know whether you have purchased anything from Organic Basics, what your thoughts are on sustainable underwear and whether you have any more questions. Either comment below, email me ( or instagram me.

But just between us, I still don't wear bras all the time because sometimes, you just need to free your nipples, and nobody should ever make you feel judged for not wearing bras! Our bodies and nipples are the most natural thing in the world and we are allowed to not wear bras all the time. Whatever you feel most comfortable with, do it.

*Businesses obtain a GOTS certification when they treat their farmers in a fair and ethical way and use no hazardous pesticides. The factories are regularly inspected, which means there's no child labour or forced labour, and no hazardous chemicals are being used here either. That way the water and energy usage is reduced drastically, 94% less greenhouse gas emissions are produced, and you can be sure that your skin doesn't come in contact with any nasty chemical residues since they are simply not allowed in the production.

Lots of love, Viki

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