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Updated: May 6, 2020

Fashion Revolution Week is over but fashion revolution certainly isn't stopping there! Having successfully organised my first Clothes Swap with some beautiful people last week, I'm ready to continue 'fighting' (I swear it's more fun than that) for sustainable and fair fashion. Many of you have asked me about fashion brands that I like so I thought it's time to share my favourite sustainable brands with you.

Whenever you look for a sustainable brand, make sure that they are totally transparent and know the people who make the clothes! This is important in a world where 'green-washing' has become fashionable. Many brands, whether in the food industry or clothing industry or in other areas, pretend to be 'green' in order to manipulate people into thinking that they're doing something good. Look behind the statements, anybody can claim to be sustainable or environmentally-friendly. Just because you can recycle a bottle doesn't make cow milk sustainable, free-range chicken are still treated really badly, and so on.

But here are some brands that I highly recommend to any of you. After scrolling endlessly on instagram and looking at websites for a couple of years, I finally have some brands that I trust. I listed brands that I got stuff from already and brands that I find inspiring and am keen to purchase from in the future should I need anything. At this point I also want to mention that I am still 100% for secondhand clothing and I will always opt for secondhand over sustainable brands because the production of clothes, whether sustainable or not, is still worse for the environment than taking something that is there already. Bear that in mind and read my article on how to thrift shop successfully. However, that being said, I would totally get underwear and swimwear from sustainable brands because you simply don't get them secondhand and if you would, I'm not too keen just now.

my favourite sustainable brands:

1. Hara the Label: I'll start with the cute underwear that you can see on the photographs. Hara the Label makes underwear with organic bamboo fabric and natural plant dyes that are totally amazing as you can see on these pics. The colours are so vibrant! Get yourself 15% off your purchase with my code blissfoodflower.

2. Organic Basics: I wrote an entire blog post (here) about this brand already, that's how much I love them. Get yourself a discount or free shipping with my code VIKIOBC until the 9th June! In Denmark you get 100 DKK off, in Europe €15, in the UK will get £10 and in the US free shipping.

3. Lucy and Yak

4. Armed Angels

5. Essentials for Zula

6. Opia

7. Woodlike

8. Vitamin A

9. Girlfriend Collective

10. Underprotection

11. Araks

12. Pura Clothing

13. Lilla by Fia

14. STORY mfg

15. Knowtow Clothing

16. Theo The Label

17. Arthur Apparel

18. OFFON Clothing

19. Harly Jae

20. Oakie The Label

And that's it. There's more brands that I love, but I don't want to make this list too exhausting for you. I might share them on instagram.

Do you want to add a sustainable brand that you are totally in love with? Comment below, message me (, or write me on instagram. Would love to know which brands you love and why. Hope this helps you along your sustainable fashion journey. Much love, Viki

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