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Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Summer has begun, it's hot outside, so what else do you fancy than strawberries? This Victoria sponge is literally the best one I've tried so far and I'm gonna let you know below what recipe I used!

But firstly, let's indulge in these mouthwatering photos that I took of a cake that lasted for less than 5 minutes. Jk, but it did last for less than a day! So this year, I got a garden allotment which already contained strawberry plants. I couldn't resist to let them grow because who in their right mind would remove strawberries? However, I have to say that if you keep your plants for too long the strawberries will become smaller each year until you have miniature strawberries that not even your dolls can eat. Not that I have dolls, I'm a grown-up ok. This is purely hypotetical. Luckily, our strawberries had lots of different sizes and we've harvested over 10 kilograms (!). It was strawberry heaven to say the least! And even more luckily, we had 2 other kinds of strawberries--wild forest strawberries and strawberries that you can harvest after July which means that from the beginning of May until now we've constantly had strawberries. Naturally, we had to make lots of delicious desserts during the pandemic. It kept me sane to bake a lot and focus on the garden. Harvesting strawberries really lightens up every day. I would suggest you make the cake when you can get local strawberries that are in season. Maybe try it with different berries if strawberry season is over where you live. Besides milkshakes, strawberry tarts and eating raw strawberries with clotted cream, we started making Victoria sponges. It wasn't even my intention since I don't think I ever made a Victoria sponge with clotted cream--my version of it is a peanut butter jam cake and I thought I'd never betray my dearest creation but as it turns out, I'm an unthankful greedy cake beast... who isn't! One day my friend rang up, telling me that she wants to make a cake and whether I want to help her. I, of course, said no! What an awful idea. How can she even? And that's the end. No cake recipe in this blog. Just kidding. That's not how it went. It all escalated quickly. We ended up making 2 cakes! We took Bianca Zapatka's black forest cake recipe apart, adding a separate clotted cream recipe from Wallflower Kitchen. Our Frankenstein creation turned out to be the perfect cake. So this recipe is purely a puzzle that I took from 2 pre-existing recipes so no credits go to me obviously but I will write them down below because it's easier for you if you want to make the recipe. I hope this makes sense and you'll make your dream Victoria sponge soon.

Vegan Victoria Sponge Recipe (I did not invent this! - it's a Frankenstein creature type of thing without offending the creature obvs) The perfect fluffy cake for yourself and your non-vegan friends who, I guarantee, you'll impress with this amazing recipe! For strawberry season only, except if you choose to take berries that are in season right now.

Course: Dessert Servings: 10-15 servings (depends on the size) Cuisine: Vegan Does it keep? 3 days in the fridge at least Prep Time: 1hr30 minutes with oven time

Ingredients for dough (taken from Bianca Zapatka's black forest cake recipe) : 175 g white flour 25g starch (for instance cornstarch)

100g sugar (you can use less, I'm pretty sure I used 80g or less and it tastes super sweet anyway because of the cream and strawberries and jam) 1 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda a pinch of salt 60 ml oil 200 ml fizzy water (makes the cake batter fluffy) OR milk 2 tsp apple cider vinegar Decoration: Strawberries (around 200-300 gram) Any kind of berry jam (tried it with blueberry jam and it tastes equally superiour 00 to strawberry jam) Clotted Cream: I have a few different methods for the cream, a simple lazy version, and 3 others. 1. The lazy version: If you don't fancy working more for your cake than you already did, then simply take a ready-to-go whipped cream that you can whip up with a mixer. It is soft but works perfectly fine if you don't plan on keeping the cake for a long time outside the fridge. 2. Wallflowerkitchen blog version: Click the link for the clotted cream recipe above. 3. My own version 4. Bianca's black forest cake whipped cream version (in her recipe) Method for the dough (taken from Bianca Zapatka's black forest cake recipe but temperatures and oven times amended since her times didn't work for me):

1. Heat the oven at 180 C (fan assisted oven) and put baking paper in your 18 cm oven form. 2. Mix together the flour, starch, sugar, baking powder and salt. Add the oil and fizzy water, and at the end the apple cider vinegar and the baking soda. Then, mix it all until it's one dough. 3. Put it all in your form and straight in the oven. Leave the cake in for 40-50 minutes (in the original recipe, it says 25 minutes which has never ever worked out for me or my friend). Check whether the cake is done by poking a clean and sharp knife in the middle of the cake. 4. Now leave the cake to cool. Decoration (my method): 1. Once the cake is cooled down, cut the cake in half, placing it carefully on a dish. Spread the jam on top if you want to use jam, if not you can spread your cooled down clotted cream (it has to go in the fridge first to become firm) and then put the strawberries on top. Put the other half of the cake on top and add the rest of the cream on top, decorating it with the strawberries that you got left. Now all you need to do is enjoy your homemade Victoria sponge. Much love, Viki xx

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