Pistachio Rose Chocolate Mousse

Are you a chocolate day dreamer? Let your dreams come true with this super indulgent and delicate chocolate mousse. This mousse is a combination of rich flavours that work together to create the perfect chocolate mousse. Best thing? I got a quick easy healthy and creamy chocolate mousse recipe for you - great for every occasion!

Hello everybody! Long time no post. Feels good to be back with a recipe for a delicious vegan dessert. I've been brewing up new creations in the kitchen and this is the recipe of your dreams (or mine at least). If you're into chocolate as much as I am, then you'll love this easy and quick recipe. It mainly consists of nuts, nanas and chocolate. I added a delicious crunchy base which works well with the chocolate flavour. And topped off with cranberries, rose petals and pistachios it's a highlight at every party!

(Fun fact: I forgot to add the main ingredient to this photo: CHOCOLATE)

In five simple words, this chocolate mousse is


sooo chocolaty


quick & easy

perfectly sweet

With this recipe, you can surprise your loved ones with a surprisingly healthy dessert (compared to the average chocolate mousse). You can leave out the agave or maple syrup and just keep the bananas as a natural sweetener. I used to love chocolate mousse as a child but little did I know that they were calorie-sugar-bombs.

This recipe is healthy, gluten-free, plantbased and easy to make.

Pistachio Rose Chocolate Mousse (2 servings)

Course: Dessert, snack

Servings: 2

Cuisine: Vegan, gluten-free

Does it keep? 2-3 days

Prep Time: 15 min (excluding the fridge time which is 30 min-2 hrs)



2 ripe medium size bananas

50g cashews

70g vegan dark chocolate/ vegan milk chocolate / vegan white chocolate

optional: 3 Tbsp maple or agave

a pinch of himalayan salt 


30g crushed pistachios (or other nuts)

25g oats (gluten-free)

25g cranberry

1 Tbsp maple or agave

himalayan salt pinch 


crushed pistachios

rose petals

chocolate drops



1. For the base, chop everything and mix with syrup and salt. Then, evenly distribute between 2 small containers and with a spoon or your thumb press the mixture down. Put the containers in the fridge to rest.

2. Blend bananas, cashews, melted chocolate, syrup and salt until smooth and combined. 

3. Take the containers with the base out of the fridge and pour the mousse evenly in each container. Then, rest in the fridge for 30 minutes - 2 hours (or until set).

4. Decorate with your toppings and the mousse it ready to be served.

Can be kept in the fridge for up to 3 days :)

Oooh and before I forget: tag me in your creations by using @blissfoodflower and #blissfoodflower. I would love love love to see your versions of my recipe (it makes my day seeing that you actually try them out and enjoy them). So let's keep in touch on instagram!

Much love,

Viki xxx

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