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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

New year means new beginnings, fresh energy. It can symbolically be seen as a complete new start within so many aspects in life. And with this in mind, I created a new series for you, something that I wanted to do for a couple of months now: a HAPPINESS SERIES.

Last year I have really worked on incorporating more self-care days and activities into my life and this with success! I notice how much calmer I am, I feel more rooted and peaceful. I realise much quicker when I need more energy and need to take a break. Before, I'd sometimes not even notice when I overwork because I tended to forget how to take care of myself and what I really need. I learnt to listen to myself, my body, my mind, my intuition. I learnt a significant amount when I incorporated new habits into my life that are so ingrained that I just do them automatically. I have some morning and evening habits that you can practice too, as well as many other life-changing habits. The most important thing is to listen to yourself and really learn what feels good to you. Each month you can expect a new blog post with a new idea that can contribute greatly in making you happier and more satisfied with your life. You will feel much more rooted within yourself even in moments where you would usually feel stressed or anxious.

I'll outline here what you can expect from this series:

January: Meditation

February: Minimalism

March: Creativity

April: Forest Bathing

May: Journaling

June: Organisation

July: Intuitive Eating

August: Yoga

September: Positive Affirmations

October: Sleep

November: Intuition vs Thoughts

December: Healthy Relationships

The order or some topics might be changing but this is a general idea for what I've been working on. And this month is dedicated to meditation! You can count on a blog post about this topic within the next couple of days.

One last thing. You can see this series as a call for action, YOU can actively take part in incorporating my tips into your daily routine and share any questions and your results with me. #blissfoodflower @blissfoodflower

Have a beautiful rest of your day.

Much love,

Viki xx

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