(Last Minute) Sustainable Christmas

You're still looking for Christmas presents? Look no more. I got some cool ideas for you, including eco-friendly present paper!

First of all, facts. There's waste during Christmas. A lot of it. According to Metro, only within the UK, people will throw away 108 million rolls of Christmas gift paper this year! How crazy is that? And think about the fact that this is only within the UK.

Wrapping paper is often not only made out of paper. The truth is that it's not always recyclable because it contains...have a guess! P L A S T I C

Yes, that ugly thing. It seems to slide in everywhere.

I started keeping all the paper that I ever get from deliveries, I keep newspapers, magazines, and every kind of paper that I get. Reuse, upcycle, don't throw away. It's important to start thinking about a circular economy instead of a linear one where we throw everything away that we consider being "waste".

What I do with the paper is: fold it up and keep it in a drawer until time comes to wrap up presents, be it for Christmas, birthdays or other occasions. Sounds easy right? And cute too? You can wrap around a twine and make a bow to hold the paper together instead of using tape. If you choose magazines and newspapers, take out a page that contains a useful or interesting article that your loved ones can read, or a nice illustration. Let your creativity go wild. Alternatively, you can use a nice scarf or cloth to wrap your presents and so your loved ones basically get an additional present. Isn't that perfect - wrapping a gift within a gift?

Let's get to the main deal now. Presents. Throughout the end of November till now I have posted on my instagram and my website different things you can make at home or purchase to ensure a sustainable way of living for yourself and your family and friends. I will list these items all below to make it easier for you.

Last Minute Ecofriendly Christmas Present Ideas

1. A (Small) Coffee Scrub (read full post here)


1/2 cup old coffee grounds

1/2 cup salt (or sugar if you prefer this)

1/4 cup coconut oil

You can make different types of scrubs too! I found many other recipes online. Homemade body butters or lip balms are simple to make and cute to gift. @treesnpeace has the perfect body butter recipe on her instagram (click here).

2. Face Pads and Makeup Remover (read full post here)

Did you know that you can get reusable face pads made out of hemp, cotton, bamboo? These three materials are the ones I've seen so far. If you have some soft fabric at home, make it yourself!

The eye makeup remover that I use, and I swear it's the best one I've had so far, is simply coconut oil. If you know someone who could use this, surprise them with some coconut oil, the smell will make them smile for sure.

Face pads that I can recommend are here and here.

3. Second Hand Books

Either yours or ones that you find in a second hand store. Choose books that you don't read anymore but want your friends or family to read. It's perfect, no more dust on your book and a completely new and fun world to enter for your friends or family.


Bake some Christmas cookies and either give them out in reusable containers, old jars (looks pretty cool), or in cloths. I highly recommend my favourite gingerbread recipe (click here).

5. Homemade Nutella or Nut Butter (full post here)

Reality is, most people like chocolate spreads or nut butters or both. Reality is also that homemade nut butters and choco spreads taste SO MUCH better than store bought ones. So why not make this into a Christmas present? All you needs is nuts, chocolate and a blender...

6. Loose Leaf Tea (full post here)

Chances are that you can still pop into a tea shop and get some tea as a present. Best to get loose tea as tea bags contain plastic particles.

7. Vouchers

Give out vouchers. Do you have somebody who doesn't like cooking that much or who loves when somebody cooks for them? Give them a dinner voucher where you prepare all the food. Warning: only do this if you are a good cook.

Vouchers can be handwritten by you, and they can range from going to the restaurant, to a spa day, lunch, cinema, holiday, gig, theatre, book, anything really. And that's what's fun about vouchers.

8. Draw something. Frame it. Or don't.

If you like drawing, make a painting or drawing! It doesn't get more personal than that.

9. DIY Candles

I made soy wax candles with essential oils and am very happy with the results. However, I don't want to advise you anything on that since it's my first time making these so I suggest you look up online recipes.

And that's it. This is quick, easy, fun, vegan and eco-friendly.

Enjoy making and wrapping.

Merry Christmas to you :)

Viki xx

Some useful articles about wrapping paper:



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