Favourite of the month Series #1: ROSEWATER

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Are you interested in finding out more about zero waste, vegan, natural products? Exactly! That's why I created my new series 'No Waste Favourite of the Month'. Read on if you want to know more.

And congrats for being here from the beginning (you're awesome).

I'm so keen to get started with this series and start posting more in general. The last couple of weeks have been really busy so I haven't be able to focus on my website or my Instagram @blissfoodflower but here I am! Full of energy and motivated to share my new favourites series with you.

So far, my aim is to show you every single month one of my favourite zero waste, clean (no chemicals involved) products.


For the month July I am featuring ROSEWATER. Rosewater is made from water and rose petals. That's it. Honestly, this water has changed my life. Before even looking into all the benefits, I bought it one day in my local health store because I was looking for something that's refreshing to spray into my face and on my body, in a glass bottle, without packaging, and vegan of course. Something that my face will like. I stopped using products with endless ingredients containing words I cannot even pronounce, like phthalates (real bad for you so do avoid).

I highly recommend rosewater to anybody. The smell is so amazing that I can't help myself smiling after each application. I spray rose water in my face, on my hair, and my neck every morning and sometimes, when I feel like it, even in the afternoon or evening. It calms me down, the effect that lavender has on some people is the effect that I get from rosewater.

Rosewater has been around for thousands of years. And I found out why. Here are some of the properties and benefits of rosewater:

It's perfect for acne prone skin, eczema and rosacea. Due to its antiseptic properties, it soothes irritated skin but also prevents infections. It can help with digestive upset, heal wounds, and brighten your mood. Rose water also contains anti-aging properties. It can also be used as a mouthwash or you can cook with it.

Rosewater helps to maintain the pH-balance of your skin, and it can be used as a makeup remover. Put it on a cotton pad and remove the makeup. Then, you can apply another layer of rosewater on your eyes1 to reduce redness on tired eyes.

R O S E W A T E R = M A G I C

In other words: it's an essential for every household.

You have to be careful with drinking rose water. The one that I bought you cannot drink (!) It's the same with essential oils, there are some that you can take orally and others you cannot. So definitely look out for one that you can cook with or use as a mouthwash if that's how you want to use it.

Favourite of the Month

And now, let's talk zero waste. #plasticfreejuly2018 went pretty well and made me even more aware of how there's literally packaging everywhere. One thing I learnt is: Don't treat waste like waste. Whenever you get something with packaging, don't just throw the plastic or paper wrapping away. See whether you can reuse it. Use paper as wrapping paper, plastic bags can be reused for various things too. Be creative with it and if you want a separate post about it, let me know in the comments below.

Even though #plasticfreejuly is over, this little post hopefully will help some of you finding use for rosewater and at the same time purchasing something that's both perfect for that summer vibe, vegan, without chemicals, and with packaging-free!

I am not being sponsored by this particular brand nor do I say that you should purchase this exact one. You can make your own rose water or purchase a different brand (this is the only one that I have ever tried, so I am not comparing products here). But of course, feel free to get this one if you are drawn towards it. I personally love it as you might have guessed already. Whatever you do, make sure you get the 100% pure rose water with no chemicals.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or any kind of health adviser. This is all based on my own experience and research. Be sensible and make your own research and even though rosewater does not have any known side effects, you could always be the lucky person to be allergic to it for some reason.

Be careful as always.







Leave any comments below.

Viki xx

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