Favourite of the month Series #2: Menstrual Cup

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

It's time for my second post of my favourite of the month series. Today we're going to talk about our favourite time of the month. Yes, to all women out there, I mean that wonderful time.

Menstrual Cup

Sanitary pads and tampons are needless waste and toxic for the body. They contain pesticides and plastic (!). Moreover, they don't decompose easily and are therefore not sustainable. I'm wondering why we are not taught in schools to be more environmentally friendly and stop buying and wasting so much? We live in such a consumer-driven society that too many people don't realise how many products they buy over and over again instead of just acquiring one item and keeping it long term. This counts for face pads (get yourself cotton or hemp face pads instead of single use pads) but it also counts for tampons and sanitary pads. An alternative that I personally recommend is the MENSTRUAL CUP (you can also get reusable menstrual pads if you prefer).

You've probably heard about menstrual cups already. They look much bigger and scarier than they are in reality (but maybe it's just me who thinks that they look big and scary). The cup sits in the lower part of the vaginal canal and carries your menstrual blood before it can even come out. Sounds practical right? And it is practical indeed! You can wear it 6-8 hours depending on your flow. And you can go to the bathroom as normal without having to take the cup out. It's best to sterilise it each time you use it by boiling it in hot water for 5-10 minutes. The menstrual cup lasts 2-4 years and costs around 15-25 pounds so this is a real bargain and eco-friendly too. Think about how much less you waste by using a cup!

Zero Waste Menstrual Cup

When I bought my cup I haven't used it for three or four months because I was dreading it so much after hearing how complicated it can be at the beginning. So, I prepared myself like I was about to sit an exam. I watched thousands (or a bit less than that) of youtube videos before trying it out, just to make sure I can do this. There are tons of videos that you can watch.* You really don't have to worry at all the way that I did. You just need to get used to the feeling of the cup which I did immediately. It's 100 times better than tampons and it's hygienic and hassle-free once you get the trick. I heard that it can leak at the beginning but this doesn't happen for everyone. And once you know how it should sit, it will do its job.

My cup is from a brand called Moskito. There are various other brands, like the OrganiCup, MoonCup, DivaCup, just to list a few. I simply felt like getting the Moskito Cup and it perfectly works for me but since every body is different, other brands might be better for you. Also, bear in mind that there are two different sizes, one for women with children and the other one for women without. The size depends on your flow too, if you have a very heavy flow you might want to opt for a bigger cup but this is all explained on the websites of the different cup brands.

Period isn't that bad if you have an amazing cup, I promise! Your zero waste journey starts with small changes and this one is easy to make. It will save you money, time (no needless morning panic runs to the supermarket when you're out of sanitary pads or tampons) and you make a positive impact on the environment.

Do you have any brand that you prefer? Any experiences that you want to share or anything you might want to ask? Leave any comments below.

Much love, Viki xx

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored by Moskito Cup. This is simply the brand that I'm using and that's why you can see it on my pictures.

*Here are some videos I found useful:






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