Viki is a content and recipe creator, photographer, illustrator, printmaker advocating a sustainable lifestyle from Luxembourg.

She created blissfoodflower to make people aware of the importance to care for our environment, animals and other humans. In the end, that means taking care of yourself.



blissfoodflower is about awareness. 

Awareness about how to treat our planet, animals, and your body and mind. 

This is a lifestyle blog which will feature posts about anything I stand for. 




'I believe in treating animals fairly. This means to me no animal exploitation for anyone's pleasure. With pleasure I mean food, household products, skin products, clothing items and accessories, and much much more. We do not need to eat animals to survive. Why not treat them well. Let them live. Breathe. Take in life. The same as we are doing. Why should they not have these same basic rights like us humans? 


I also believe in treating nature fairly. Taking care of our planet. The only planet we will probably ever live on. Why be selfish and pollute it? Everyone knows by now that plastic is bad for the environment, the same as all the other waste, recycled or not, it doesn't matter. And think about it, the 1st August 2018 marks the overshoot day, which means that we used up all our resources for this year already. Think about it. Act with awareness. 

I believe in minimalism. Consuming less and therefore, as a consequence, wasting less. 


I believe in art. Creating beautiful things in this world, whatever I feel like creating. We are all creators of something, let's make it into the most beautiful creation that we can possibly make.'

- Viki, 2018